Honor One Reminder Coin

Honor One Reminder Coin

The Honor One


Your purchase of our Reminder Coin allows us to help those suffering with PTSD. All of the profits from the sale of our Reminder Coins go towards providing a unique and successful treatment for PTSD. Our approach and success rate have changed the lives of those who have served and sacrificed for all of us. 

The perfect gift to show your gratitude for your loved one who served or as a reminder to you that we have Americans in harm's way protecting our freedoms - everyday. Please place your Reminder Coin somewhere you will see it every day and when you see it, please give a thought, say a prayer, whatever you do to let them know they are not forgotten. 

Items are custom made and built by disabled workers. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. However, your money will be put to good use immediately helping those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress.

God Bless the USA - thank you for your support, Honor One 

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